Snacks to go with „Kölsch“

Metthappen € 3,90
Bite of ground pork on rye roll with onions

Tatarhappen € 4,90
Bite of tatar on rye roll with onions 

Hausgemachte Frikadelle € 4,50
Home-made meatball

Pikante Gulaschsuppe € 7,90
Spicy goulash soup

„Halve Hahn“ € 6,90
rye roll, with gouda cheese, onions & butter

„Kölsche Kaviar“ € 7,90
Black pudding with onions, rye roll & butter

Portion Rinder Tatar € 19,90
Beef tatar approx 180gr.
With our tatar dressing, egg yolk, capers, shallots, anchovies, pickles, roasted farmhouse bread, rye roll & butter


Kleiner gemischter Salat € 4,50
small mixed salad 

Gebratenes Steak vom Kikok Huhn € 18,90
roasted Kikok Chicken Steak with salad, yoghurt dressing, roasted seeds & crispy croutons

Gebackener Ziegenkäse € 18,90
Baked goat cheese with crunchy lettuce, quinoa, roasted seeds, thyme honey & pickled grapes


Every Tuesday

Kölsche Rievkooche
baked potato fritters

with stewed apples € 9,90
black pudding € 15,90
tartar € 16,90
fried mushrooms € 13,90
home-pickled salmon € 16,90

Unkelbach Vegan

Grüngürtel Bowl € 16,90
Salad of green vegetables with quinoa, pomegranate seeds, crispy falafel and Frankfurt herbal dressing

Überbackene Pilz – Maultauschen € 17,90
Gratinated swabian ravioli filled with mushrooms, with creamy herbal béchamel, spicy ratatouille and side salad

Vegane Kohlrabi Schnitzel im Knuspermantel € 17,90
vegan cabbage turnip „Schnitzel“ coated with crisp with tomato-basil jam and potato-cucumber salad




Rosa gebratenes Roastbeef € 18,90
Roast beef with homemade rempulade & fried potatoes

Speckpfannkuchen € 13,90
Bacon pancake with lettuce

„Himmel un Äd“ € 15,90
Fried black pudding with mashed potatoes, stewed apples & crispy onions

„Käsespätzle“ € 15,90
cheese „Spätzle“ with mountain cheese, crispy onions & lettuce

Kalbs-Currywurst € 14,90
Veal curry sausage of veal and pork with fruity curry sauce & crispy fries

Hacksteak à la Meyer € 16,90
Minced steak with braised onions, veal jus, fried egg & fried potatoes

Sülzer Bierkutscherkotelett € 21,90
Cutlet approx. 500gr. Either grilled or breaded with veal jus, braised onions & fried potatoes

Knusprige Grillhaxe
Crispy grilled knuckle approx. 1200 gr.
approx. 20 min. waiting time
– with rye roll & coleslaw  € 23,90
– with fried potatoes & coleslaw € 25,90

Saftiges prime Aged Rumpsteak € 29,90
With homemade steak butter, crispy fries & mixed salad



Side Salad € 2,50


Schnitzel „Wiener Art“ € 17,90
Schnitzel „Viennese Style“ of pork
With lemon & crispy fries

Jägerschnitzel € 19,90
Schnitzel „Hunter Style“ of pork
with fresh mushrooms in cream & crispy fries

Pfefferrahmschnitzel € 19,90
Schnitzel of pork with pepper sauce
with creamy green pepper sauce & crispy fries

„Cordon Bleu“ € 21,90
of pork
filled with ham & cheese, served with crispy fries 

Original Wiener Kalbsschnitzel € 28,90
Original „Wienerschnitzel“ of veal
With potato-cucumber salad, anchovies, capers, lemon & wild cranberries


Desserts im Weckglas

Dark Mousse au Chocolat“ € 6,90
with marinated wild berries and whipped cream